Why choose a REALTOR?
A REALTOR® is a licensed real estate professional that abides by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. The Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice guide my profession. A REALTOR® can be called a real estate agent, sales consultant, salesperson, etc. I am a REALTOR®. I strive to not only abide by the standards, but I have high standards on how I operate.

I take my job seriously and look out for the personal and financial interests of my clients. When I sign an agreement to work with you, I make sure to deliver for you and with a smile!

What is Agency?
Have you ever called about a house or visited an Open House? When you walked in or started your conversation with the real estate agent, did the agent ask you, “Are you working with an agent?” In the state of Maryland, real estate agents are required to ask this question. Why? This allows us to understand if you are working with another agent so that we do not interfere with another agent’s client. Also, it is to inform the consumer whom an agent is representing or working with.

At our first face-to-face meeting, I will have Buyers sign “Understanding Whom Real Estate Agents Represent.” It lets the consumer know whether I represent the Seller or Buyer. This is a notice and not a contract or agreement and is required by law to be presented to you. Agency laws are to protect you. Buyers and Sellers have a right to representation. If an agent represents a seller, the agent is acting on behalf of the seller and does not represent a buyer or the buyer’s interests. It’s in your best interest to find someone to represent and protect you in a real estate transaction.

Open Houses
You’ve seen the signs, red directional signs and balloons promoting an Open House. Open Houses are typically scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays anytime between 12-3 PM. On occasion, you may see a house open on a weekday night. Houses are open to the public to promote a property for the Seller. It may be an opportunity to stop in and check out a house you have always dreamed about. Agents will have you sign in and register. If you are working with an agent, just let them know you are working with an agent.

If you want to get a schedule of open houses, you can consult the local newspaper, the Baltimore Sun or http://www.realtor.com, http://www.homesdatabase.com, http://www.trulia.com, http://www.zillow.com, etc.